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iPhone X 2018
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Improve the client experience

Give your customers an attractive and engaging experience and improve their conversion and retention rates.

The artificialOS platform allows data to be collected seamlessly, so you can sell insurance policies in a way that your customers will love.

Get to market faster than ever

Speed up your route to market with our digital distribution tools. Our platform allows your customers to quote and buy insurance any time or place at a fraction of the speed it used to take.

Cyber Insurance
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Full protection
Protect your company against cyber attacks
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24/7 helpdesk support when you need it
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Quote, book, pay right on your phone
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Car Insurance
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Free courtesy car
For as long as your car is being repaired
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Easier deployment and purchasing

Our dynamically generated and white label websites and apps ensure simple, beautiful customer experiences with a single point of data capture.

Insurance product purchasing and deployment is made frictionless thanks to personalised, reliable and fully responsive web pages and platforms.

Our one-touch approach ensures that the key information required for placement and underwriting is provided upfront, directly by the customer.

Simple integration with existing systems

The artificialOS platform allows for simple integration with your existing applications, so there’s no need to enter data more than once.

All applications can combine with your existing setups or be built upon our programs.

Compatibility with a broad range of devices and operating systems ensures you reach every potential customer.

Mobile Insurance
Welcome back, John!
Your current policies:
iPhone X
£6 per month
Google Pixel
£5.50 per month
Car Insurance
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Your current policies:
Tesla Model 3
£60 per month
Tesla Model 3
£60 per month
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Took out a new policyMon 28th Jan
Made a ClaimTue 20th Jan

Completely unique branding

Our applications are a blank canvas for your business.

The artificialOS platform allows for visual customisation or integration with your existing applications using our Application Programming Interface (APIs) and Software Development Kits (SDKs), letting you own the full customer relationship.

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  • “Artificial are a fundamental part of our proposition and are a key differentiating factor when compared to competition.”

    Gonzalo Torres De Arcos

    Global Leader - Telecom Practice, Aon Affinity

  • “Artificial’s technology is truly unique in the market. They genuinely have the ability to disrupt at scale.”

    Dave Richards

    Technical Director, Capita Plc

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