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Spotlight: Head of Delivery Dipika Carter

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Tell us a bit about yourself!

I am a Business Analyst at heart, who has been working in the insurance, finance and regulation world for quite some time.  I spent over 10 years as a contractor in the insurance sector, loving the different environments, people and projects that I managed to get myself involved in. Outside of work I enjoy scuba diving, watching motor racing (4 wheels or 2, both are exciting) and travel. I also love reading, especially science fiction, fantasy and comics. 

How did you get started at Artificial?

I came across Artificial just by chance and at first was convinced it was not for me. But on closer inspection, Artificial represented a completely different work experience, a massive challenge and something well outside my comfort zone…it was a ‘now or never’ moment. I can report that after 4 years and lots of ups and downs, I can hand-on-heart say that it has been a great journey so far with some fantastic colleagues.

What do you most enjoy about your work?

I like the variety of things things that I get involved in and the spirit in which everyone pulls together to deliver to our clients, to the company and to ourselves. The culture of the company is really quite open and you can get involved or give opinions on what other teams and colleagues are doing. There are the usual stresses of too much work, too little time and not enough hands that any small company experiences but someone is usually available if you need a sounding board, advice or just setting you back on the right path again.

How have you been keeping yourself busy over the past year?

The past year has been a bit difficult as I like the direct interaction with people. I have also missed the travel and scuba diving. I have however learnt to cook new things, read a lot more, jigsaws have been a favourite and I’ve discovered the joys of Netflix which I had no time for before. 

Do you have any advice for people starting in similar industries?

Given the chance, challenge yourself - take yourself outside your comfort zone, because there’s an awful lot to learn. If it doesn’t work you can always go back.

Anna Burge

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